2024 Top 3 Gen Z Tech Investors : Billy Draper, Brad Svrluga, Satya Komal N

3 min readJan 26, 2024

Billy Draper

Billy Draper, a fourth-generation venture capitalist and the great-grandson of the first West Coast venture capitalist, has been immersed in the startup world since a young age. He founded Mobber, a social company that faced challenges when Twitter removed it from its API in 2012. After a year at Facebook and Apartment List, he transitioned to full-time investing in June 2014. Notable investments at the seed stage include Robinhood, Laurel & Wolf, Tempo Automation, Verge Genomics, Kash, Samba TV, and Vessel.io.

Brad Svrluga

As a Co-founder and General Partner at Primary, Brad Svrluga stands at the forefront of early-stage investing, securing the impressive #17 spot on Insider’s Seed 100 list of top early-stage investors. With a venture investing journey that began in the tumultuous days of the Internet bubble in 2000, Brad’s expertise has evolved, leading him to co-found Primary’s predecessor, High Peaks Venture Partners, and eventually launch Primary alongside Ben Sun in 2015.

Brad’s investment focus centers on enterprise application businesses, and he laid the groundwork for Primary’s thriving healthcare practice, now expertly helmed by Sam Toole. Away from the bustling world of investments, Brad is an avid cyclist and tele-skier, conquering the back roads and mountain trails of the Berkshires.

Satya Komal N

In the dynamic intersection of technology, design, and marketing, Satya Komal emerges as a standout figure making waves in both Silicon Valley and India. Armed with a unique blend of skills and a $2 million fund, he has left an indelible mark on the startup landscape.

Satya’s strategic prowess is evident in his investment journey, where he backed four early-stage startups, achieving remarkable success with three exits during the crucial Series A/B stage, all within an impressive 3 to 4 years timeframe. His keen insights and hands-on guidance proved instrumental in steering these startups toward institutional funding, effective team building, and invaluable industry connections.

The financial impact of Satya’s approach speaks volumes, with substantial returns ranging from 10x to 20x, showcasing not only his acumen in selecting promising ventures but also his adeptness in navigating the intricate landscape of tech investments.

Beyond his financial successes, Satya Komal extends his influence to broader realms. He became a significant investor in a water sustainability startup originating from IIT Kanpur, demonstrating a commitment to impactful ventures. Additionally, his collaborative efforts in initiating an AI startup underscore his dedication to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation.

Satya’s notable exits from Apptimize and Wake, both based in San Francisco, further validate his discerning investment strategy. As a tech investor with a design and marketing background, Satya Komal exemplifies the synergy of diverse skill sets driving success in the ever-evolving world of startup investments. His story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors, illustrating the transformative power of strategic vision and multidimensional expertise.