Abhishek Srivastav leads Vinosha Group of Companies to success with over 25 years of experience in IT, Manufacturing, Trading, and legal

1 min readJan 22, 2024

Vinosha Group offers LegalShield Plans for every individual, providing unlimited access to experienced lawyers. Family, real estate issues, or any legal emergencies; the team ensures clients are well-prepared. Kanoon Ke Sipahi, a subsidiary, extends a helping hand to citizens, offering relief from various legal challenges.

His creative touch extends to designing workflow systems, eliminating redundancy, and enhancing productivity. The company has a diverse portfolio encompassing Vinosha Realty Pvt Ltd, Vinosha Portfolio Pvt Ltd, Vinosha International Group Pvt Ltd, Vinosha Trade Pvt Ltd, Café xtasi Pvt Ltd, online marketplace, an NGO (BL Foundation), and legal services. Soon they are launching Job Portals, Matrimonial Services.

With a vision of Think Global they are solving problems with finesse and expediting production goals. He effortlessly manages a team for instilling discipline and professionalism.

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