Revolutionizing Trading Automation: Introducing Software Genie All in One Bot by Silvercoin IT Services

4 min readJan 25, 2024


Silvercoin IT Services proudly unveils its latest innovation, the Software Genie All in One Bot, a groundbreaking toolset to transform trading strategies across various markets. Nagman Mansuri, the driving force behind this innovative product, introduces a game-changing solution to automate trading strategies seamlessly.

The Software Genie All-in-One Bot boasts unparalleled features, making it a pioneer in the realm of trading automation:

  1. Versatile Automation: This powerful bot can automate any strategy or indicator from TradingView, offering unparalleled flexibility to traders seeking efficient, hands-free operations.
  2. Limitless Scalability: With the ability to automate an unlimited number of accounts and strategies, each strategy translating to an MT4/MT5 bot, this tool empowers traders with unmatched scalability — enabling simultaneous management of multiple strategy effortlessly.
  3. Enhanced Functionality: Equipped with over 20 unique features, the Software Genie All-in-One Bot amplifies the effectiveness of strategies, catering to diverse markets encompassing currencies, stocks, and more. Its adaptability across a broad spectrum of markets positions it as an indispensable asset for traders.

Moreover, the Software Genie All in One Bot’s performance speaks for itself, exemplified by its verified My FXBOOK records showcasing the live trade performance of running strategies.

Interested parties can view the performance statistics at the FXBOOK link.

For a comprehensive understanding of the Software Genie All in One Bot’s capabilities, its features can be explored at Genie All in One Bot Features.

Nagman Mansuri, the visionary behind Silvercoin IT Services, expressed enthusiasm about the product’s potential, stating, “The Software Genie All in One Bot represents a paradigm shift in trading automation, empowering traders with unprecedented control and efficiency.”

Some of the top features provide by Genie- All in One Bot

Unparalleled Backtesting Possibilities & Accuracy: Unlock the power to assess the accuracy and profitability of any TradingView Indicator or Strategy with precision using historical data.

Real-time Execution & Automation: Experience lightning-fast trade execution and seamless automation directly from TradingView to your MT4 or MT5 account, with real-time insights on your TradingView charts.

Versatile Trading BOT — Limitless Possibilities: The Genie- All in One Bot Enables you to select Buy/Sell signals from any external Indicator or Strategy, giving you access to unlimited possibilities. It’s like having thousands of Bots in One.

Auto Bot ON/OFF Schedule: Whether you want the bot active from 9 AM to 3 PM or any specific days or hours, you can easily customize it to suit your preference. Additionally, choose to close all trades at the end of each day, week or at your selected time for added convenience.

Inverse Mode: Enable this option to reverse the trading signals generated by your indicator/condition. When activated, buy signals will become sell signals, and sell signals will become buy signals

Backtesting Date Time Filter: By enabling this feature, you can conduct a thorough backtest based on your selected period. This empowers you to analyze your trading strategy extensively, simulating it with historical data to identify its strengths and weaknesses effectively

Flexible Balance & Equity Selection: Set your desired equity, balance, and leverage for backtesting, ensuring results aligned perfectly with your unique trading objectives

Smart Position Sizing — Fixed & Dynamic: Enjoy the flexibility of setting fixed or dynamic lot sizes based on your preferences, adapting seamlessly to your trading style.

Advanced Risk Management: With features like Stop Loss, Trailing Stop, and Breakeven, you have complete control over risk management. Additionally, the bot also offers Equity and Profit Protection features, further enhancing your control over risk management and ensuring the safeguarding of your equity.

ATR-Based Take Profit, Stop Loss & Trailing Stops: Utilize the full potential of Average True Range (ATR) to configure dynamic take profit, stop loss, and trailing stop levels for effective and lucrative market trend capture.

Exponential Position Sizing & Auto Compounding: Watch your account grow exponentially with the “Genie- All in One Bot” auto Compounding Feature, maximizing profits as your equity increases.

Customizable Period Selection for Backtesting: Analyze your strategies on specific historical periods, tailoring insights to your needs with our fully customizable backtesting period option.”

Trade Pyramiding & Opposite Signal Options: Customize trade pyramiding to your preferences and choose how the bot responds to opposite signals — your trading strategy, your rules!

Dynamic Execution Logic: Choose between “BY ENTRY” to manage each position individually or “BY POSITION” to combine same-direction trades, adapting to your preferred trading style.

Martingale Functionality — Full Customization: Experience full customization and control over your martingale approach, setting precise multipliers, stop loss, take profit values, and more with the cutting-edge martingale functionality.

Life-Time Free Auto Updates: Enjoy lifetime access to automatic updates at no cost. We regularly introduce new features to enhance your experience.

Performance Summary & Backtesting Results: Gain detailed insights into the performance and trade history of your backtesting, including key metrics like Net Profit, Max Drawdown, and Profit Factor.

This revolutionary tool marks a significant milestone in the trading industry, offering a cutting-edge solution that caters to the evolving needs of traders worldwide.

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