The Ad-free Revolution: How O+ Empowers D2C Brands to Reach Buyers when They Search or Look for It

4 min readJan 16, 2024

We have all come a long way in understanding SEO and how it helps to rank on the search engines, but the paid ads have pushed all efforts a little toward oblivion. In the era of ad fatigue and algorithm-driven search results, traditional ad practices are failing. Direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands, once early adopters of digital advertising, are facing significantly low ROAS on high ad-spends. The solution? An ad-free revolution powered by O+, the SEO research lab with impact-driven strategies tailored for D2C brands.

How is O+ a game changer for D2C brands?

Upon searching, the consumers are bombarded with ads, leading to banner blindness and ad fatigue. O+ helps you rise above the noise, placing your brand organically in the search results when buyers are actively seeking your products or services. Moreover, consumers each day are becoming more aware and know how to skip to the good part, i.e., refer to the organic results. Approximately,53% of all web traffic comes from organic search. Only 15% comes from paid search.

Firstly, O+ helps brands, and D2C businesses attract qualified leads through a well-planned marketing funnel, helping you make successful conversions and lowering customer acquisition costs. Since the team of O+ is led by the Ex-Flipkart SEO head, Ravi Soni, O+ understands the customer journey and their intent from TOFU to BOFU of the funnel to increase conversions and eventually ad-free revenue.

Secondly, D2C brands get loyalty with high-quality content that is optimized for search. The content is so planned that it positions your brand as the subject matter expert. Quality backlinks make your brand a thought leader and build trust with potential customers. O+ focuses on the “S&S” concept of creating “Scalable and Sharable” with AI that is powered by Humans! Queen+, the content excellence center by O+, fosters long-term loyalty, driving repeat purchases and positive word-of-mouth.

Thirdly, With the sole motive of helping brands generate ad-free revenue at scale and faster; Opositive is backed by its own IPs and tools that make it 100% tech-enabled company. Empowered by in-house tools like Studio+, caffine+, tribe+ and live+ that are designed to deliver real-time business data, O+ makes sure that brands stand out from the competitors.

O+’s exclusive war strategy and COD framework are framed to ensure that deliveries are aligned with the set goals.

Hence, they are trusted by Global Brands for their business optimization needs.

With O+ you can track your progress, analyze data, and refine your strategy for continuous improvement. Unlike ad campaigns, SEO results compound over time, providing a sustainable path to growth.

And Cost-effective! While initial investment in SEO expertise and content creation is required, the long-term ROI promised by O+ outweighs the ever-increasing costs of paid advertising.

The O+ success stories for D2C domination

  1. For a shoe brand based in Australia and New Zealand, the experts at O+ delivered a massive traction of 6M organic impressions and a 74% hike in organic revenue.
  2. Keeping a keen eye on the negative reviews with the help of their in-house real-time performance tracking tool, Studio+, the team got a 40% increase in organic visibility for 1500+ hotels nationwide.
  3. Deriving a 75% increase in ad-free revenue in 10 months for a renowned fashion D2C brand in India.

There are many more stories to testify to the unique strategic approach of the organization — O+, the curiosity lab.

Embrace the Ad-free Future:

The D2C landscape is shifting. Savvy brands are ditching the ad-heavy approach and embracing the power of impact-driven SEO tactics. By investing in organic search optimization and strategic content marketing, you can reach buyers when they are actively searching for your products, build trust and loyalty, and achieve sustainable growth.

More than Revenue, Reputation, and Validation for the brands, O+ rewrites the growth stories, organically! Ready to join the ad-free revolution? Contact O+ today to learn how they can empower your D2C brand to reach the right audience and unlock your full potential.

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