Why are Top Hotels Chains Opting for O+’s Customized Online Reputation Management Solutions?

4 min readJan 25, 2024

In the era of instant reviews, social media dominance, and customer ratings, managing online reputation has become a make-or-break proposition for businesses, especially in the hyper-competitive hospitality industry. A single negative review online can trigger a domino effect, leading to an impact on bookings, brand perception, and, ultimately, revenue. This is where Opositive.io, a leading service provider of online reputation management (ORM) solutions, steps in, offering hoteliers a powerful shield against digital negativity.

O+’s Holistic Approach: Analysis Beyond Sentiment

Everybody knows how generic ORM tools rely on sentiment analysis of the reviews and act accordingly. But, O+ delves deeper into the patterns. Their experts analyze customers’ feedback across platforms like BDC, Goibibo, GoogleMyBusiness, social media, and travel blogs, identifying not just negative sentiments but also underlying trends, actionable insights, and opportunities for improvement. They are power-packed with strategies under LocaleHarbor. It is a mechanism crafted by their experts to elevate revenue, reputation, and trust on Google search and OTA platforms.

This comprehensive approach enables hotels to:

  1. Proactively Address Customer Concerns: We help decode the “why” behind negative reviews. With that data, hoteliers can address issues promptly and efficiently, preventing further escalation and demonstrating genuine care for guest satisfaction.
  2. Turn Negative Reviews into Advocates: Keeping a close watch on each review, we empower hotels to engage with feedback proactively. This often transforms negative reviews into positive ones, creating brand advocates and boosting online reputation.
  3. Build Brand Trust and Transparency: An active review and response system not only enhances the online reputation of the brand but also fosters trust with potential guests and demonstrates the hotel’s commitment to guest satisfaction.

Case Studies: Measurable Results for Hospitality Leaders

Our tailored ORM solutions improve the online reputation and bottom line of some of the world’s top hotel chains.

  • A luxury hotel chain in India increased its OYO rating by 2 stars within 6 months of implementing O+’s ORM strategy. This translated to a 12% increase in bookings and a significant boost in revenue.
  • Another boutique hotel chain in India successfully mitigated a reputation crisis after a negative viral review by promptly addressing the guest’s concerns and preventing negative sentiment from spreading.

What makes O+ stand out?

Agile Review Marketing & Hyperlocal Expertise:

Fixing the image of the brand is the first step towards brand growth, and that can be achieved by getting positive, valuable reviews and optimizing the business profile for local searches. Trust the curiosity of O+ wizards, who can get things done for your business.

Customized solution for each business: Not believing in the theory of one-size-fits-all, O+ devices tailor-made ORM strategies to cater to each hotel’s unique brand, target audience, and competitive landscape.

Human Expertise Powered with AI: The content excellence center, Queen+, combines top-tier industry writers with the power of AI to provide a higher and faster impact on your business.

Data-Driven Insights: O+ leverages advanced analytics fetched by its in-house IP — Studio+, to track progress, measure ROI, and continuously optimize ORM strategies for the maximum impact.

LocaleHarbor: Amplifying Revenue, Reputation, and Trust

The experts at O+ have curated a solution named LocaleHarbor to enhance digital perception, direct bookings, and Hyperlocal rankings, significantly increasing your brand’s market share on search & OTA platforms by:

  • Enhancing OTA Ratings by 20%
  • Securing 3+ Featured Articles on National & Local Travel Platforms
  • Significant Trust Score Improvement (40–50%)
  • Increasing Search Visibility by at least 30% at 2X Growth Rate
  • Enhancing Digital Perception and Direct Bookings
  • Dramatically Increases Brand’s Market Share on Search Engines
  • Get Ranked in the top 3
  • Optimizing review and ratings by O+ IPs

The best part? All the results can be tracked in one place with O+’s in-house tool- Footfall+.

In today’s digital landscape, a positive online reputation is no longer a luxury — it’s a necessity for survival. For top hotel chains, O+’s customized ORM solutions provide the strategic guidance and expert support needed to manage guest feedback effectively, build trust with travelers, and, ultimately, drive bookings and revenue.

Contact O+ today and discover how their tailored ORM solutions can help your hotel chain rise above the digital noise and shine in the online spotlight.

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